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Any member of the Animal Kingdom - Abaxis has you covered. Why wait for your results, we have a better way.

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Thousands of practices trust Abaxis Diagnostics to provide easy, reliable and accurate results.

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From state-of-the-art on-site diagnostics and single-use rapid tests. Abaxis offers a trusted single source for all of your veterinary diagnostics

State-of-the-art chemistry, electrolyte, immunoassay, and blood-gas analyzer with uncompromising accuracy from just two drops of whole blood, serum, or plasma and iQC with every run. With 10 diagnostic panels to choose from.


A full 5 part analyzer with 15 species profiles that utilizes a small sample size in under 3 minutes for results

Fuse HM5

An all in one coagulation analyzer that completes PT / aPTT (in one cartridge) for pre-surgical and ill patient care. 


A hand-held cage side analyzer to obtain minimal clinical database, hematology, blood gas, chemistry and other analytes within 2 minutes utilizing 2 drops of blood. 


VetScan VUE

VetScan VUE

Single Tests for Vector-Borne and Fecal Disease. Fast, accurate, easy and affordable - It's a singularly better approach to rapids.

8 rapid tests

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Dr. Heidi Ward


" I love Abaxis! I love having the test results within minutes so that I can put the entire picture together for a client, and that way, I can more effectively tailor the treatment option for them."

Dr. Heidi Ward

Gulfcoast Veterinary Oncology and Internal Medicine, Sarasota, FL

Dr. Cristie Kamiya

Having the Rapid Tests has changed the game. Being able to quickly run the test and get accurate results - that has been a tremendous benefit to our medical center.

Dr. Cristie Kamiya

Humane Society Silicon Valley, Milpitas, CA

Dr. Alex Casuccio

What I really like about Abaxis is that they're a step above in Quality, and the customer service is extradordinary.

Dr. Alex Casuccio

Scottsdale Animal Healthcare, Scottsdale, AZ


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