Cost Effective Diagnostics That Evaluate Multiple Species

From the jungles of the Congo to the deserts of the Sahara, we can evaluate all patients that walk, swim, creep, crawl and fly.

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From conservation groups and foundations all over the world; many in remote locations, trust Abaxis Diagnostics to provide easy, portable, reliable and accurate results - patient-side.

Committed to Conservation Efforts Around the World

Abaxis truly delivers - results you can count on when you need them the most.

In addition to dog, cat and horse; the VS2 includes 99 predetermined species labels for entering your own reference ranges, the VS2 is a mobile point of care analyzer that allows small sample size to get full diagnostic results


From primates, skunks, marine mammals, tigers, lions and bears, oh my!!!

Fuse HM5

With a full library of blood gas and chemistry cartridges, the i-stat offers hand-held small sample size analysis for mammals, reptiles, birds and aquatic animals.


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