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Is the VS2 a "one test at a time" system?

No. The VS2 offers a variety of assays in a number of preconfigured panels for the utmost flexibility, while requiring only seconds of hands-on time, and providing the lowest possible operating costs.

Do I need a separate instrument for electrolytes or blood gases?

No. The VS2 offers Na+, K+, tCO2, and Cl- which can be run on the same unit, test procedure, and sample.

Can the analyzer detect a flawed or defective rotor?

Yes. The VS2's extensive Intelligent Quality Control (iQC) detects any flaw or potential anomaly in the rotor. Abaxis also provides a Performance Guarantee covering manufacture defective rotors. (This does not include cancellations or assay suppressions due to improper rotor storage, operator error, or poor sample integrity.)

How many species can the VS2 store for reference ranges?

In addition to cat, dog, and horse, the VS2 includes pre-determined specie labels for entering your own reference ranges, and also provides 99 open labels for adding further species.

How many result records can the VS2 hold?

The VS2 stores the results of the last 5000 rotors run. Thereafter, the VS2 replaces the oldest record with the most recent.

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Product Support

Can the analyzer be connected to an external computer, printer, LIS or EMR?

The Piccolo Xpress has 5 USB ports located on the back of the analyzer. These USB ports are bi-directional and can be connected to peripherals like a printer, keyboard, barcode scanner, computer or EMR/LIS system. Available data formats are ASCII, ASTM and XML. Data parsing and translation may be required to work with your system. Contact your IT department, systems provider or Abaxis Technical Service at 1-800-822-2947 for assistance.

Existing customers can also download Abaxis Data Manager for free by clicking here. Data Manager is a free, unsupported utility that connects your Piccolo to a 32-bit Windows computer and formats the Piccolo results into a PDF and XML file. Many practices have found these files useful as an interim solution to full connectivity.

What are the power requirements needed to operate the analyzer?

The analyzer requires 100-240 volts AC, 50-60 Hz or 15 volts DC, 5.0A.

Is surge protection or an uninterruptible power supply required for the Piccolo Xpress?

Abaxis recommends that the Piccolo be plugged into a surge protector designed for use with a computer. A suitable Belkin surge protector is provided with each analyzer. If an uninterruptable power supply is required for your operation, one is available from Abbott Point of Care Customer Service at 1-800-323-9100, or by clicking here to send a support request.

What do the black symbols on the results print out mean?

The three black “~~~” symbols mean that the results for that particular chemistry were suppressed. The analyzer is designed to deliver accurate results. If the analyzer is unable to provide accurate results, it will suppress those results rather than print them. Collect a new sample and re-run the test. If results for the second sample are suppressed, contact Abaxis Technical Support at 1-800-822-2947, or by clicking here to send a support request.

Should controls be run on the Piccolo Xpress?

CLIA Waived Testing
a. At least every 30 days.
b. Whenever laboratory conditions have changed significantly.
c. When training or retraining of personnel is indicated.
d. With each new lot.

CLIA Moderately Complex Testing
a. Abaxis recommends control testing to follow federal, state and local guidelines. Please follow this link for the CMS state contacts:

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