Get ready to revolutionize your in-house lab with a urine sediment analyzer that promises superior performance and delivers comprehensive, accurate results within minutes.

The VetScan SA enables practitioners to perform urine microscopy with consistency, efficiency, reliability and accuracy at the point-of-care. Its high-resolution urine sediment images and classification capabilities improve laboratory workflow, efficiency, and precision. With an automatic maintenance feature, the VetScan SA delivers trouble-free operation and consistent performance all day, every day. Combined with the VetScan UA Urine Analyzer, you have the complete urinalysis solution you’ve been waiting for.


Automatically processes any urine sample with no pipetting or diluting required

Simple Workflow

Intuitive interface and analyzer design provide a more efficient urinalysis option for the staff and hospital

Low maintenance

Minimal and automated maintenance features save time and eliminate staff frustration

Reference lab quality

Uncentrifuged sample processing reduces inherent errors of sediment analysis

High-quality imaging

Built-in high-resolution microscope and CCD camera delivers stunning images every time

Combined results

Complete urinalysis report includes results from the VetScan UA and images captured by the SA

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VetScan SA Demonstration

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SA Line
  • Height:

    16.3 in
  • Width:

    15 in
  • Depth:

    19.5 in


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